Valve Check Inc specializes in designing and manufacturing custom valves per customers specs and 2D drawings or using our in house engineering team to design valves for custom applications. Using our 3D modeling software, we can import 2D drawing along with 3D models in order to evaluate your custom valve projects. Each valve project is reviewed for manufacturing feasibility, volume, and assembly efficiency.

Using Valve Check's years of experience in the check valve industry along with our experienced engineering and machining team we have the ability to design custom check valves from as little as a napkin sketch.

Valve Check has the advantage of operating screw machines, swiss, and high precision lathes to build the most cost effective and high quality valves most job shops or valve companies would not even touch.

We design valves of all different sizes, materials, and cracking pressures from as high at 500 psi to as low as 3" of H2O.