We are your go-to manufacturer for hydraulic fittings and adapters. At SFI, we specialize in taking your project from design and prototyping to full production. Our product range includes ferrules, flanges, crimp fittings, swivel fittings, inch compression fittings, flareless fittings, PTFE couplings, conversion adapters, spuds, PIN fittings, O-ring BOSS fittings, and IIC 370 flares, among others. Our advanced manufacturing capabilities include 7-axis machining, Swiss turning, screw machines, molding, lathes, mills, welding, fabricating, brazing, and broaching.


7-Axis Machining

SFI has a wide range of machining capabilities such as CNC mills, lathes, hydraulic presses, screw machines and more.

Copper Brazing

SFI leverages precision press fit of all assemblies prior to brazing, and encompasses copper brazing expertise.

Thread Standards

SFI has access to any of the worldwide thread standards in its engineering library, and follows SAE, JIC, NPT and BSP thread standards.

Free Flow

Free flow can be provided in one direction and restricted flow in the other or be restricted in both directions.


SFI takes pride in being able to understand design intent from a variety of communication methods. You can send us a drawing, CAD file, assembly of standard fittings or even your hand drawn sketch. SFI will design your part in CAD and return it to you for your approval. If you are submitting a sketch, dimensions should be end to “¢”s. Use overall dimensions only when necessary. For centerline sketches please follow the fitting chart.

Another option is to send in a physical manifold or upload your print files with our contact form below.

Sketch to Production Example


Mission Statement

It is our mission, at SFI, to provide the highest quality part at a competitive price. We offer many years of experience producing fittings to SAE, JIC, NPT, and BSP thread standards.


Specialty Fittings, Inc. (SFI) was founded July 1984 in response to a large OEM request for non-standard fitting(s) to complement their basic fitting(s) needs. SFI’s goal is to supply the customer with leak-free parts, use fewer part numbers and lower assembly costs.

Over the years, SFI has developed many unique fitting designs matched to the requirements of the application. Examples of our custom products can be seen in the Capabilities section.

SFI has demonstrated solid capabilities in producing complex, detailed, and specialized fittings for one-time and long term customers, as well as many distributors. At the same time SFI maintains its small company atmosphere and work environment.

Core Competency (Quality)

At SFI we focus on design flexibility, expedient turn-around time and reducing the amount of purchased items, resulting in lower installed costs.

All SFI components are manufactured to SAE specifications and are made with full size bar stock.

SFI produces spuds based on Metric, BSPP, or other standards.

SFI is committed to customer satisfaction! Contact Us today with your ideas and we’ll discuss your specific requirements.

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