Figure No. 390

Standard flanged bodies up to 150 lbs. per square inch steam, air or water pressure. Extra Heavy flanged bodies up to 250 lbs. per square inch.

Reduced or service pressures for this design can range from a maximum of 125 lbs. per square inch down to 5 to 10 lbs. per quare inch depending on the pipe size and inital pressures involved. Factory recommendations must be secured before placing orders for this type of regulator.

Types of Regulator: Design is normally opened, single seated, direct acting, diaphragm operated, spring loaded type valve.

Service Recommendation: The No. 390 Regulating Valve is used primarily for steam, air or water service when dead end regulation is required. It is applicable to laundry equipment, cookers, hot water heaters and similar applications.

Construction Features: The No. 390 Regulator is furnished with a semi-steel body and diaphragm chamber. Dual compression springs give a wide range of reduced pressures, and execeptionally close control when accurate regulation is required.

When used for water or air service a composition rubber disc is furnished.

Installation: The No. 390 Valve may be installed in either horizontal or vertical positions with the diaphragm facing up or down as desired.

BC125 Lb. Std.
250 Lb. Std.
222 1/44 1/49 3/410 1/4
2 1/222 7/84 3/810 1/211 1/8
323 1/84 3/411 3/812 1/16
3 1/223 1/84 3/411 3/812 1/16
425 3/85 1/212 15/1613 11/16
532614 5/815 3/8
632 1/26 1/216 1/217 1/2
All Dimensions are in inches